"Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children."

- William Makepeace Thackeray 




This simple, three-letter word was just that. A universal phrase that described the very person who gave you life
Until I became a mom that is.

I soon realized this word can mean a variety of things depending on the situation at hand and somehow, you just automatically know what you're kid's desired random want or need is at that specific moment. It's like your uterus has its very own Mom tone reader.

For instance, when "MOM!" is used, this can mean a variety of things depending on the deafening number of decibels used to pronounce its tone.

"MOM!" Half growl, half human. Means you ate all the godamned cookies.

"MOM!" Sounds like a Yeti screeching in the back woods somewhere and means my sibling and I are fighting and I want you to referee the WWF smack down that's currently taking place.

"MOM!" I can't believe that just came out of your mouth. I'm so embarrassed even though I'm laughing so hard I'm about to piss myself. This will of course have the effect of being flabbergasted, blown away, and shocked.

If "MOM!" has any kind of whining at the end, your kid has probably done something stupid to hurt themselves while trying to film their latest SnapChat video.

Mawwwwwm specifically means: I'm having a nervous breakdown because my foundation doesn't match my skin tone, I cant find what I need in the shithole I call a bedroom, or you forgot to wash the jeans your kid wanted to wear for school that day.

Momma: Ooo I just love this one. This is the one your kid will use in an attempt to do or use something they know will get an automatic "no fucking way" response.

"Momma, can I go out for a quick bite to eat with the douche bag that no way in hell should I settle for?"

"Momma, can I go to my boyfriend's house this weekend? his parents are home and we'll stay in the living room and not suck face for the four hours I'm there."

"Momma, can I use your brand new red lipstick before you've even had a chance to use it?"

This is where you simply smile, say "no", and pour a glass of wine. The more they try to convince you, the more wine you pour. Look at it as a fun drinking game for parents.

Mommy: This one, unlike the above, automatically gets a yes answer. Usually, only half of the story is told and its just one of those instances where you just know your kid needs you to say yes and you just have to trust their judgement.

Perhaps this is the hardest "Mom" to hear of all.

It means your teenager is no longer a toddler and the word mommy isn't just for tending to scraped knees, naptime cuddles, or one more sippy cup of milk.

It isn't holding a hand while crossing the street, helping to blow out birthday candles, or doodled on a school art project.

No longer does it accompany one more bedtime story, last kiss goodnight, or a 5am good morning wake up.

Instead, it's to help with a broken heart, a bad day, or a worrisome trouble.

It's for healing invisible wounds that have broken your child's soul in some way, shape, or form from life's painful lessons learned at hand.

It's an I'm scared, I need to talk, I just need you to say yes without all the details.

And you will.

Simply because of that three-letter universal word that means so much more than just, Mom.


Amber Elaine



" How do you spell love?"

- Piglet 

" You don't spell it, you feel it."

- Pooh